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J.A.M. has advanced high precision production machines to produce moulds and dies to the closest tolerances.

The J.A.M. precision vise products with focus on the mould and die markets, have gained a high reputation thanks to the advanced processing technology and manufacturing techniques.

Advanced processing technology
By taking advantage of the skills in processing technology with know-how in grinding processes and heat treatment, J.A.M. brings out the best characteristics of the material.
Commitment to materials
While partnering with material manufacturers, not only to procure high-quality material, we have jointly developed high-quality special stainless steel and suitable heat treatment processes, providing excellent corrosion and wear resistance.
Enriched machine range
J.A.M. has provided more than 100 kinds of products, answering the needs for a variety of production requirements in the fields of EMD, grinding, and cutting precision products.
Customization to meet customer's needs
J.A.M. will actively respond to requests for the development of customized products to meet the needs of the processing plants.

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