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Environmental Protection

Basic Policy

Environmental policy

Japan Automatic Machine Co., Ltd. recognizes that environmental protection is a fundamental important issue of management and strives to make effective use of resources. Japan Automatic Machine Co., Ltd. will continue to maintain and improve the environment in all spheres of its business activities and work toward the effectively utilize resources. We aim to create an environmentally friendly industry; we also aim to contribute to the creation of a prosperous society by constant challenge of the environment issues.

  • 1. In each area of our business activity, we strive to maintain and improve healthy environment. We promote resource saving, energy conservation, reduction of waste and environmental material management.
  • 2. We carry out our business activities with consideration of the impact on the environment and strive for pollution prevention. We also promote environmental protection activities and continuous improvement.
  • 3. We comply with environmental laws and regulations, customer's requirements, and other public standards. We conduct voluntarily management and strive to maintain and improve the environmental management system.
  • 4. In order to carry out our environmental policy, we set environmental objectives and environmental targets and review them regularly or as necessary.
  • 5. We documented this policy and informed to all employees and everyone who works for us. We do our best to promote and maintain this policy.

Quality Policy

Our management philosophy such as "To create a valuable and globally competitive corporation for partners, employees, stockholders and society" is always kept in our minds. In response to customer requests, we provide satisfying high-quality products and services.

  • 1. We work to continuously improve our quality management system.
  • 2. Make the check and verification of the activities of the quality management system.
  • 3. Our quality management system is reviewed for appropriateness and effectiveness.
  • 4. We deepen the understanding of the quality policy, and put efforts to improve the quality.

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ISO Certification

Environmental Management Acquisition

Standards / Office Head Office Terminal Office Iwaki Office Haramachi Office Yokohama Office
ISO14001 certification number JQA-EM0881
The year of acquisition September 2006 June 2000 June 2000 July 2000
Company-wide integration June 2008

Quality Management Certification Status

Standards / Office Head Office Terminal Office Iwaki Office Haramachi Office Yokohama Office
ISO9001 certification number JQA-1282
The year of acquisition July 2003 May 1996 November 1997 May 1998
Company-wide integration June 2007

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Environmental Approach

Commitment to non-use of hazardous substances

RoHS (Electronic Components)

Environmental protection is one of the important management issues for J.A.M. Currently, we have a variety of initiatives to contribute to the creation of a sustainable recycling-oriented society while maximizing corporate values. We are actively promoting the elimination of harmful substances in the RoHS directive from within our products.
At the same time when reviewing our own manufacturing process, we also eliminate the RoHS Directive substances in the purchase member by the promotion of green procurement.

WEEE (Electronic Components)

In order to reduce the environmental impact through the provision of products and services, we are committed to the promotion of green procurement by making the appropriate management in the purchase stage of environment-related materials related to raw materials and materials necessary for the production, advancing the like shift to a smaller alternative to environmental load is recognized as very important.

Electronic Components Division

We established the "Environmental CSR-Compliant Manufacturing Regulations", from the development and design of products, procurement, manufacturing, quality assurance, at each stage to sales, we manage the chemical substances contained in products. The target substance of the present management, we aim to review in response to the various regulations, including the European REACH regulations.

Environmental Approach

・Cardboard donations to Minamisoma elementary and junior high school PTA Council (Haramachi office, terminal office)
・Installation of solar panels (Haramachi office, terminal office)
・RoHS adoption of compatible parts of the new development models (non-adoption of the non-conforming) (Yokohama Plant)
・Adoption of lighting equipment energy-saving type, in the conventional model comparison, switching implementation in (Yokohama Plant)
・In all product RoHS, REACH regulations (Electronic Components Division)
・LED lighting ground at the manufacturing site (terminal office)
・Waste oil regeneration processing (Yokohama office, Haramachi office, Terminal office, Iwaki Plant)

Electronic Components Green Products Registered Product List

GP Rank No. Series Name No. Series Name No. Series Name
Green Products 1 SYA Connector 6 SLV Connector 11 STW Connector
2 SYT Connector 7 SSS Connector 12 STA Connector
3 SZT Connector 8 SRW Connector 13 SEW Connector
4 SFP Connector 9 SJA Connector
5 SZW Connector 10 SDA Connector

Green Products

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