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"Connectors" are the functional parts that hold the key to small-size-high-density information transfer in communication equipment, digital consumer electronics, mobile phones, personal computers, and flat-screen TVs. Connectors also play an important role in automobiles and transportation equipment in safety related components that require high quality and high performance.

Through the evolution of everyday electronic equipment, the need for connectors in the electronics field is increasing. J.A.M. will continue to provide high quality connectors by bringing our unique mould, ultra-precision processing, and mechatronic technologies together.

Machines & Connectors

J.A.M. will continue the ongoing challenge of meeting the expectations of our customers by combining knowledge and experience in connector, machine development and production.

Comprehensive range

J.A.M. will develop and produce a wide range of connectors ranging from custom-made to general purpose type to meet the needs of various electronic equipment manufacturers.

Supply of finished products and components

J.A.M. has a variety of housing, wafer, and terminal types that offer a practical space-saving feature.
J.A.M. offers development, design, and production of these connectors and their components

Supply of OEM products

Upon the request of the customer, J.A.M. will develop and manufacture the mould and conduct OEM production.

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